An 8-week program that teaches you how to launch & grow a high profit business
so you can work less & live more 

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FREE TRAINING: How I make $4,600 a month while at home with my daughters

This program is for you if:

You are ready to turn your expertise into a HIGH PROFIT business so you can work less & live more

Price your product or service at $500 or more, even if it’s your first one

Launch FAST & PROFITABLY—without needing to build an email list first

Be recognized as an expert & influencer in your field

Land opportunities like high-paying clients, paid speaking engagements, and overall pure freedom to spend your time how you choose!

Launch what you love will show you exactly what steps to take to start that business that’s been brewing in you. 


Active on IG, Micro-Influencer, Professional in Transition

Have no existing offer: Expert, Creative, Multi-passionate

Have existing service: Coach, Consultant, Freelancer

Have small or existing audience: Speaker, Podcaster

Have some existing content: Blogger, Author, YouTuber, Podcaster

Female Entrepreneurs

Service Businesses




Content Creators

Product/Service Hybrids

MLM business builders


Here’s a sneak peak!

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I knew what I wanted I just didn’t know how to get there-  I was looking for a way to make money online with my design work so I could stay home or work part time at a firm if I wanted. Haley’s thorough knowledge and expertise about today’s online business in general is so refreshing. Her candid honesty about running a real business from wherever you want while being a wife and mother- made me realize it is totally possible to make money doing what you love. The community of women (just like me) providing needed feedback was awesome.  The information and resources are invaluable regardless of whether you launch right away or not. The personal development that comes with the course is worth the investment. 



“On April 9th, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, I found out my entire department was going to be eliminated in June, while I was out on maternity leave. I signed up for the course that day. I found the course through the podcast only a few days before when it popped up as a “recommended” podcast in my iTunes feed. I had just lost my dad unexpectedly in March and my baby was one month old when we started the coursework. Things do not happen by accident, and there was a reason all of these events were orchestrated at the same time.” 

I would absolutely recommend this to others. The content is solid (trust me — I’m a very picky instructional designer by trade!) and so, so practical. No fluff and “rah-rah” — these are the actual steps I would have needed to Google in order to launch my business. Haley does a fantastic job of breaking things down into small pieces and if you keep moving forward and completing the action steps, you will make progress. 


WORK AT HOME MOM + Freelance Résumé Writer
Haley’s course gave me the confidence to  turn my dream job into a reality with doable, practical steps. The course helped me start a business one step at a time without being overwhelmed and confused. Haley’s coaching helped me implement tried and true strategies to launch a business I had been thinking about for years!


Stay at Home MOm + home renovation consulting and interior design

I’m Haley Williams.

A busy mom of two girls and the owner of two successful businesses.

I stay home full time with my girls while running both of these businesses, have  command over my schedule and days (as much as one does with 2 under 4), how much I work and, to some degree, how much money I contribute to my family.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Early on, I had NO idea what I was doing. I started my first business when I was 23. Fresh out of school and hating my 9 to 5. Now, seven years later, I’ve learned a lot about what works (and about what doesn’t!) I have often wished it hadn’t taken me seven years to “figure it all out.”

Of course I don’t have everything figured out, but I’ve gained so much clarity and confidence in my businesses compared to those early days.

What have I discovered along the way?

  • How to work less and make more by changing my business model
  • How to create a premium offering that my clients love to buy
  • How to get new leads and convert them into buyers while I sleep

There is just SO MUCH to know and figure out. And most of it I had to learn the hard way.

Don’t be like me. Stubborn and headstrong and insistent on DIYing business knowledge. I could have saved myself 7 years of hard labor had I had this information sooner!

My desire with this course is to share what I’ve learned with women a few steps behind me, who are seeking to launch something of their own into the world.

Because of my experiences, I can help you be successful earlier, get paid sooner, and love the work you do more.

do what you love, get paid. 

your skills and passions are not an accident…

do you find yourself thinking:

I wish I could make money and stay home with my kids.

I want to contribute to our family’s finances.

I’m tired of climbing corporate.

I want to do something that matters to me.

I want to spend more time with the people I love most! 

I want to do my own thing, but I’m not sure how to begin.


Is that you?


You are making some money, but know you should or COULD be making more

You are are burnt out by the hustle/grind and wish you could unlock the
solution to higher profits and less struggle to find clients + grow

You have a small following but are not making many sales

You have had a few clients but don’t know how to keep them coming in

You know you need an email list but don’t know how to get one

You are struggling to “get ahead” in your business and wish it worked for you rather than you working for it. 

this course is perfect for…


The new mom heading back to a 9 to 5

Your maternity leave is almost up, and faced with the reality you’ll be heading back to work and leaving that sweet nugget at home.

Another option between “stay home with no job and no income” and “go back to work full time.” Where’s Option C?


The stay-at-home mom who needs a break

A break from cleaning up the dishes from another snack mess in the kitchen.

You often wish there was something for you to look forward to during nap time besides getting caught up on laundry and instagram.

You dream of productivity beyond kitchen cleanup and creativity beyond decorating your home, you just don’t know what that thing might be. 


The working woman who needs an outlet

There you are, tapping your fingers on your laptop keys in your cubicle, wishing you could be creating something of your own instead of something for someone else. You are frickin’ talented, a hard worker and need some help rediscovering work as an expression of your passions rather than just your abilities. 


The woman looking to contribute financially to her family's finances

You’re tired of “making it work” on a single income in your household and feel the urge to create some margin and flexibility for your family through a dual income household. You long for a life of abundance and ease rather than scarcity and stress.

Hey, sister

I’ve been there too.

In a gray cubicle in a 9-to-5 job I didn’t love; that didn’t feel like the fullest expression of who I was or what I could do.

Fast forward a few years and I also have felt many times like I just need a few blessed hours to myself.

Away from the humans I love most in this world. A couple hours to rediscover who I am apart from mommy and to pour myself into something else that makes me come alive.

I help driven female entrepreneurs like you learn how to leverage their interests, skills and passions into money-making tools that serve others and their families.

End the doubting that you may not have what it takes to create a successful business. 
End the confusing merry-go-round of doubt and wondering and the same old questions to your husband about “how do I DO this?!” after the kids go to bed. 
End the uncertainty around how you’ll ever”figure it out” on your own. 
End the worries about when you’ll finally pay off that nagging student debt or credit card. 

Here’s the point, friend

You can figure this out on your own. You can google and test and trial and fail and edit and redo allllll day long.You know the drill. But this course is the result of me doing that for 7 years, discovering what works and sharing it with you. I started and launched businesses without kids and with kids, so I’ve learned what is essential and what is fluff.

Stop the guesswork and stressing that you might be missing something. Here’s everything you need to know, consider and think about when creating a business as a busy mom! And I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.