As a woman small business owner, have you ever felt protective of the success you’ve found? Like you didn’t want to share the path you’ve taken to find whatever successes you’ve achieved along the way? In most areas of life, I have always been a sharer. An over-sharer, my husband might argue. But when it came to business, I always felt it was a sacred precious gem to hide under my pillow at night. Ok, not really. But maybe a little…

We work SO hard as entrepreneurs and women small business owners to build something, even just a little something, for ourselves and our families. And when you scrape and claw your way to success, it can feel like a disrespect to your own hard work to just spill the beans with others on how exactly you got there. 

There’s this innate thing in us that competes to protect ourselves and play it close to our chest.

And while this urge to protect what you’ve worked for isn’t wrong or always a bad idea, something happened one day where my perspective shifted. My mind was changed.

You see, I think we all want to leave a mark. We all are striving to create something meaningful. Something that is bigger than us. That lasts, or at least, that affects change in peoples’ lives that is worthwhile.

I attended a leadership conference at my church one weekend in January 2018, I had an awakening of sorts that the group of people I was meant to serve and leave a mark on was not necessarily the ones I had been serving in my business.

I realized it was women – busy moms – like me. I realized and saw, for the first time ever, that my purpose in pursuing business and personal development may be different than what I originally thought. Perhaps all of this failing so many times that I eventually found a way in, all of this starting and building businesses might not have been purposed to get me to the top of my field. Perhaps it happened so I could show others the way too.

That’s when I decided to start building The Busy Mom’s Business Quickstart Course. 

It was an absolute paradigm shift for me. It made sense of a lot of my experience as an entrepreneur, too.

How so? Let me explain.

This goes all the way back to something that has always been a bit of an insecurity for me. And it is this: “jack of all trades, master of none.” Have you heard that? Been called that? Called YOURSELF that? Yeah, not exactly my favorite descriptor.

Who wants to just be a little good at everything and not the master of anything? Well, not me for sure.

But as I shifted my perception of myself and my story, I started to see how experience and real-life, boots on the ground exposure to such a wide variety of challenges, overcoming trials and even various types of businesses I’ve run, might be leading me exactly here.

And it wasn’t a disappointment, or a “settling” feeling. It was enlightenment. It made sense of everything for me, in so many ways!

The end game for me? It may not ever be to be “the best” at one thing (if that is even possible, because who decides who’s best?) but rather to be one who can identify with so many others who are working hard on so many fronts and in so many ways, to do more. To create something. To have margin in their monthly family budget. To pay off student loans. To take a family trip. To buy groceries. To rediscover their skills and talents. To pay for the babysitter and a manicure once in a while. Or to build an empire.

And you know what? I’m so, so more than ok with this purpose. This clarity that I have. And this newfound clarity compels me to share what I’ve learned with other women. To help them, build them up, and let them know they’re not alone.