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Launch What You Love is an 8-week program that teaches you how to achieve financial independence by getting paid to do what you love.

Students will learn from Haley Williams, a serial entrepreneur and mom of two whose unique methodology teaches women how to build a profitable, sustainable business that gives them freedom in their work and lifestyle by getting paid to do work they love.



Launch What You Love is perfect for women with a dream, an early-stage business, or a side hustle they are ready to take more seriously. This course helps students bypass common mistakes and equips them with the knowledge and confidence they need to rock it as an entrepreneur.

Ideal for the busy moms with little free time, empty nesters looking for what’s next in life – women of any age or life stage will be able to benefit from my down-to-earth and casual teaching style. I tell it like it is and give students all my shortcuts. 

By the end of the course, their business will be ready to launch and share with the world.





This digital course is a unique hybrid of self-paced eLearning and live business coaching. The course material is comprised of videos, text lessons, worksheets and “homework.” The homework itself actually builds the business as students complete it.


The material can be consumed at their own pace and they complete homework as they go. Each module is broken into easy-to-digest “micro-lessons” (most being 5-15 minute videos long) that can be watched while washing dishes, folding laundry or cooking dinner. 


Weekly live coaching calls give students the support and help they need as they encounter questions or challenges in their businesses. By end of the course, which can be completed in 8 weeks, students have built all the major core elements of the business and are ready to launch what they love!

The Modules of the course include:



$500 per student who enrolls


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An affiliate receives $500 from any sale that is a result of their promotion. In the case of subscription or payment plan purchases, affiliates will receive a percentage of each payment, not just the first.

Site owners and affiliates are paid on the first of each month (or closest business day) for all sales made over 30 days prior to that date, a schedule made necessary by Teachable’s 30-day refund policy.


I will provide you with a variety of options and ideas of how to share the course with your network.

Some ideas include: sending an email, posting on social, instagram or facebook stories, going live with me on instagram, or anything else you would like to do! There is no minimum requirement. You can do what makes sense for your audience and your vibe. I will provide you with photos/text content you can use for your convenience.


On April 9th, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, I found out my entire department was going to be eliminated in June, while I was out on maternity leave. I signed up for the course that day. I found the course through the podcast only a few days before when it popped up as a “recommended” podcast in my iTunes feed. I had just lost my dad unexpectedly in March and my baby was one month old when we started the coursework. Things do not happen by accident, and there was a reason all of these events were orchestrated at the same time.

I would absolutely recommend this to others. The content is solid (trust me — I’m a very picky instructional designer by trade!) and so, so practical. No fluff and “rah-rah” — these are the actual steps I would have needed to Google in order to launch my business. Haley does a fantastic job of breaking things down into small pieces and if you keep moving forward and completing the action steps, you will make progress. 

Patricia Westpfal


My journey with this course began in the Fall of 2017.

I had been an entrepreneur for 7 years. But where I found myself was at a place of complete burnout and exhaustion from building and serving a business I no longer felt called to build. 

I was working for what I believed I SHOULD be doing, rather than what I loved and was passionate about. 

Freedom came for me in 5 words from the Lord  one night at a church conference: YOU ARE NOT YOUR WORK. 

From that place, I began taking steps towards freedom. 

I thought I had built a life of freedom for myself because I owned my own business, but I realized, I was still in chains to others’ expectations, opinions and even my own critical thoughts of myself. I believed the more I achieved, the more I WAS. But God had other plans. He had his eye on full FREEDOM. 

 When I took the first step towards what He had placed on my heart – to serve women in some way, shape or form (I didn’t yet know how) I came alive in a way I had never experienced in my life before. I started a podcast to discuss issues of motherhood, work and the grace we need for both. I began engaging women like me (and not like me) in conversations about these topics that formulated so much of my life and my days, and I began to be awakened to a calling that had laid dormant for, I believe, years. 

I found a new vigor, vitality and excitement in my work. I came alive as a wife and mother. I found joy in working hard and resting hard, too. I was able to start to see how all the years of various and mixed experiences had led me to this particular place of serving and teaching and speaking TRUTH to women about their work and motherhood. 

Eventually, I realized developing a course would be the pathway I’d take to offer a helping hand to my “freshman class” – the women coming up behind me – who needed a blueprint or roadmap for how to get from there to here. To a place of doing meaningful work, regardless of what kind of work it was, and getting paid to live a lifestyle that didn’t compromise what they wanted for themselves and their families. 

Launching what you love is hard. It is scary. Even grueling, at times. But it is WORTH IT. Oh so worth it. And if you have a friend and mentor offer a leg up and a guide to help you along the ropes of this hire wire walk, it can be so much more easier and more enjoyable. 

It was from this heart that I decided to develop and create this course.