In this training you’ll learn how to use Mailchimp to send email marketing campaigns to your list, as well as how to build landing pages that help you distribute your lead magnet and grow your list.


Self-explanatory enough! The accounts are free up to 2,000 subscribers.


Your list is GOLD. It’s the list of people whose emails you have, that have basically said “I’m interested in what you do and you can speak to me about it.” You can have multiple Lists in Mailchimp, which allows you to have different segments of your market. It may be useful down the road, but just start with one if you’re new to this!


A “campaign” is an email, essentially. You can have different types of campaigns: One time Email campaigns, Ongoing/Recurring Campaigns, or Sequences/Nurture Campaigns that are a set of 3-5 emails that send upon a specific trigger, that you determine.

Step 1. Sign up for Mailchimp.

This video walks you through the steps to sign up for a Free Mailchimp account.

Once you get to the last step in this video (confirming your account) you can go to the next video to learn how to create lists and campaigns.

Step 2. Create a List

This video walks you through the steps to create your first list

Step 2. Create a Campaign

This video walks you through the steps to create your first campaign.

Step 3. How to Build a Landing Page in Mailchimp

This video walks you through the steps to build a landing page to distribute your lead magnet. This page is the URL someone would visit, enter their email, and then be automatically “added” to your list. At that point, they’d receive the first email from the welcome sequence you set up which would include the freebie you promised them. Then the series of welcome sequence emails continues to send with email #2 the next day.

Step 4. How to Build a Welcome Sequence in Mailchimp

This video walks you through how to build a welcome sequence/nurture campaign. A welcome sequence is a set of emails that are delivered, one after another, on a timeline you decide, at a “trigger” you decide. A trigger may be when someone joins your list, then they receive your sequence of 3 emails that send each day for 3 days. The goal is to help your audience become familiar with you and develop the KLT factor: KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST YOU.

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