A Practical Business Strategy and Implementation Guide for 
Confidently Launching Your First Business as a Busy Mama

Smart girls take the fastest route to their destination. And, friends, this is the short cut. Learn the essentials to launching and building a successful business I have gathered in my 7 years as a serial entrepreneur. You’ll get high level stragey and nitty gritty help with the particulars. 

The Busy Mom’s Business Quickstart Course is WHAT to do and HOW to do it
for mom’s with full hands and little free time.  

You’ll learn the strategies behind everything you do, but more importantly, you’ll have a step-by-step project plan that walks you through everything you need to do as you implement what you learn and prepare to launch your business.

The end result: A business that’s ready to launch to the world and poised for long-term growth and success. 

the Busy Moms

Business Quickstart Guide

Is built with rapid execution in mind

Get down to business, quickly. This will get you up and running as quickly as possible, with no wasted steps or time. 

Teaches you the WHAT and the WHY

Learn the technical how-to as well as the thinking behind every piece I teach, giving you what you need to distinguish yourself from the competition. 

Focuses on implementation

Since this is a program to help you launch your first busines, I don’t take anything for granted. I’ll walk you through each step to help you build a business that is ready to reveal to the world and start growing.  

youR skills and passions
are not an accident. 

You’re a busy mom, but that’s not all you are. 

You’re a dreamer and a doer. A creator and a catalyst.

You’re feeling that pit-of-your-stomach urge that something more is available to you if you just take the next step. 

This is that step. 



This is for you, mama


The new mama heading back to a 9 to 5

Your maternity leave is almost up, and faced with the reality you’ll be heading back to work and leaving that sweet nugget at home.

Another option between “stay home with no job and no income” and “go back to work full time.” Where’s Option C? 


The stay-at-home mama who needs a break

A break from cleaning up the dishes from another snack mess in the kitchen.

You often wish there was something for you to look forward to during nap time besides getting caught up on laundry and instagram.

You dream of productivity beyond kitchen cleanup and creativity beyond decorating your home, you just don’t know what that thing might be. 


The working mama who needs an outlet

There you are, tapping your fingers on your laptop keys in your cubicle, wishing you could be creating something of your own instead of something for someone else. You are frickin’ talented, a hard worker and need some help rediscovering work as an expression of your passions rather than just your abilities. 


The mama looking to contribute financially to her family's finances

You’re tired of “making it work” on a single income in your household and feel the urge to create some margin and flexibility for your family through a dual income household. You long for a life of abundance and ease rather than scarcity and stress. 

Hey, sister

I’ve been there too.

In a gray cubicle in a 9-to-5 job I didn’t love; that didn’t feel like the fullest expression of who I was or what I could do.

Fast forward a few years and I ALSO have felt many times like I just need a few blessed hours to myself.

Away from the humans I love most in this world. A couple hours to rediscover who I am apart from mommy and to pour myself into something else that makes me come alive.

I help busy moms and gals like you learn how to leverage their interests, skills and passions into money-making tools that serve others and their families.

End the doubting that you may not have what it takes to create a successful business. 
End the confusing merry-go-round of doubt and wondering and the same old questions to your husband about “how do I DO this?!” after the kids go to bed. 
End the uncertainty around how you’ll ever”figure it out” on your own. 
End the worries about when you’ll finally pay off that nagging student debt or credit card. 

You’ve got something nobody else does

You know that thing that you LOVE doing that your friends think is a drag? (accounting? organizing? learning new technology? meal planning?) 
or that thing in your home you DIY’d that always makes people say, “Oh my gosh! I would LOVE that! Can you make it for me?”

Yeah… that thing? It can make you money.

That thing can help you create financial independence from your 9 to 5. Or give you the flexibility to afford more babysitting hours which will in turn help you reconnect with who YOU are and what YOU are good at.

And not because you’re the ONLY one doing it, because that likely isn’t the case. But because you have your own *unique* way of doing it.

Maybe it’s sketching or watercolor.

Maybe it’s writing.

Maybe it’s organizing closets and refreshing spaces.

Maybe it’s writing proposals or wrangling executives like you’re doing in your full time job that is tooooootally and completely marketable as a freelancer. 

Maybe it’s trip planning on a budget and playing the credit card bonuses and you discovered a strategy that got you 5 plane tickets to Europe for free.

Maybe you need just a SECOND alone to figure out what it could be! Maybe this is that second you could claim for yourself. The second that could reroute the direction the rest of your life takes. 

The Busy Mom’s Quickstart Course is your shortcut to everything I had to figure out or create for myself over the course of 7 years of launching and growing multiple businesses.

You’ll learn:


How to price your products or services for profit

I own both a products and service business. I can help you determine what you need to charge to actually make money in your business. 


How to nail your marketing message

If you aren’t clear on what you’re offering, your customers surely won’t be either.


How to create a brand that resonates with your target market

Everything from my favorite resources for stock photos to creating your own imagery and branding. 


How to get the word out about your new business

Launching your business into the world can be scary and uncertain. We’ll cover all the bases you’ll need to have in place before you take it “LIVE!” 


How to serve rather than sell

How to get over the fear of being salesy or “selling yourself” and shift your mindset (and your product offering) to one of serving.


How to write proposals like mine that have won me multi-thousand dollar contracts

In this course, you’ll receive actual templates I have used in my own web design business that have earned me substantial one-time fixed fee and ongoing retainer contracts. All while full time momming and working from home with my two girls. I’ll explain how to customize them for your business and how to position what you do to command the highest dollar amount. 


You'll receive a custom logo

This is crazy AWESOME. I charge $450 for a custom logo alone. But when you register for this course, you’ll select from a set number of pre-designed logos (designed by me) and receive customized files with your business name for your website, social profiles and marketing materials. Already have a logo? No problem. This is optional. 


You'll receive a business card design

Another fabulous bonus for you! I charge $250 for a custom business card design. But when you register for this course, you’ll get to select from a number of pre-designed business cards (designed by me) and receive customized files with your details on it! Instructions for where and how to print them will be included!  Already have a logo? No problem. This is optional. 



This isn’t all. These are just a few of the big ones, but you’ll receive so much more in this course! And what’s more, you have me as a resource at your fingertips for any questions or help you need along the way! Need advice on how to create a linesheet for your product line to sell wholesale? I’ve done that. How to cold call and work those leads? Done that too. How to outsource pieces of your process or production? I can help there! 

This is all stuff I figured out (Eventually and slowly) how to do, even with young kids. And it’s totally and absolutely stuff you could figure out too. But I also recognize, not everyone has time or 7 years to mosy their way to success.

You need to take the next step into your dreams and make something happen more quickly. You don’t have time (or money) to mess around. You are willing to work hard enough to create opportunity for yourself, but you’re smart and also willing to  and financial flexibility for her family deserves a chance. Which is why I created the QuickStart guide.

In it, I give you everything I learned and used to work my way to success. How to make and launch your own website or blog. Business strategy for how to get started, how to develop effective and clear messaging, Templates for business cards, social media and a step-by-step plan for how to set up your business in the digital space online.

We’ll cover things like:

  • Pricing your product or service for profit
  • Setting up a website or blog
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing & Starting a List

And in a LIVE segment of the course, we’ll cover  your questions around the following topics of:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who are you serving?
  • Where will you sell?
  • How will they find you?

Stop the guesswork and stressing that you might be missing something. Here’s everything you need to know, consider and think about when creating a business as a busy mom!

I’m on your side and so is a community of women who are in the same place as you. You’re not alone!